Celebrating High School Seniors!

The Northwest Career Colleges Federation thanks all of the high schools and member colleges that participated in the 2023 Careers That Work! scholarship program. For the 2023 graduating class, 359 students were awarded the scholarship and are on their way to the career of their choice. Congratulations!

About the Scholarship

The Careers That Work! program was launched in 1999.  Each year, every high school in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington (public and private)are given five $1000 tuition scholarships to award to graduating students headed to one of the participating career colleges.

Seniors awarded the Careers That Work! by their high school are not restricted to colleges within their home state.  That means seniors  graduating  in Idaho, Oregon or Washington may be awarded the scholarship for attendance at any participating private career college in any of those three states.

Scholarship recipients are identified and awarded by the high school. The high school must complete the award process via the online application found on this page, to the left.

Scholarships are tentative, pending the student’s acceptance for admission and commencement of study at the college. If accepted, the scholarship will be credited to the student’s tuition, generally in equal disbursements during their first academic year, in accordance with the college’s scholarship award policy. Students should talk with their college to determine when their scholarship will be applied.

2024 Scholarships

The 2024 Careers That Work! scholarship may be awarded effective October 2, 2023, for any student graduating with the 2024 class.

All awards must be submitted online by the high school. Awards submitted without complete information will be rejected until a completed award record is received.

Careers That Work! scholarship program information

  • Counselors making awards should contact the NWCCF for a copy of the scholarship certificate:  360.259.1313, or email:  contact@nwcareercolleges.org
  • All awarded students are encouraged to make contact with the college immediately upon receiving notice of award.
  • The student is advised to bring the scholarship certificate when arriving at the college.


To Award:  June 16, 2024

Student acceptance to the college:   July 14, 2024

Scholarships not redeemed by December 31, 2024, are void unless special arrangements are made with the college.

Additional Questions?

Contact the NWCCF at 360.259.1313 or contact@nwcareercolleges.org

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